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The Part-Time Jungle Podcast Trailer Episode: Welcome to The Part-Time Jungle Podcast with Tiana Fech

e000 – Trailer Episode: Welcome To The Part-Time Jungle Podcast with Tiana Fech

Welcome to The Part-Time Jungle Podcast

There are so many ways to swing motherhood and work. There is not one right way or one best way.

Tiana, a mama of three, has been navigating The Part-Time Jungle, motherhood and part-time work, since becoming a mom 13 years ago. This is the path that works best for her and her family.

However, there are 50 shades of green in the motherhood jungle and the variations in hue, intensity and brightness make the jungle awe inspiring, lush, strikingly beautiful, and at times wild.

Let’s keep it real. Motherhood is an adventure with highs, lows, in-betweens, and all the bumps and detours along the way no matter how you swing it.

Through personal reflections and interviews with other Mamas, Tiana will share observations, overheard conversations, solicited advice (the kind you actually ask for), wins, and #mommymessups.

As you blaze your own trail through the motherhood jungle, The Part-Time Jungle will provide you with route markers, footprints, and travel companions that can encourage and guide you along the way.



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