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e004 – Coronavirus: Real Life Tools & Strategies to Support Kids & Families with Parenting Power

Julie Freedman Smith and Gail Bell of Parenting Power are Canada’s Go-To Parenting Team. 18 years ago, they began bringing ‘Aha moments’ to parents, teachers and caregivers with a collection of practical, easy-to-use tools; simplifying their days and strengthening the connection with the children in their lives.
In this episode:

How to talk to our children about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and tools to help alleviate their anxiety
Tools and tips for families navigating closed schools and working from home
Check out Parenting Power’s “Stay at Home Family Challenge”. For more information go to:

From Parenting Power:

“Learning at Home” by Alison Van Rosendaal:

Connect with Parenting Power: (Note – Parenting Power is no longer in business)

Instagram: @parentingpower
Facebook: @parentingpower



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