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The Part-Time Jungle Podcast Episode 7: Mindset & Motherhood with Dr. Carly Crewe

e007 – The Part-Time Jungle Podcast: Mindset & Motherhood with Dr. Carly Crewe

Dr. Carly Crewe, a mom to twin toddlers, is a small-town family doctor and a mindset coach for aspiring mompreneurs. She is also a writer, blogger and the host of the podcast Mind Over Motherhood.

In this episode:

  • The importance of advocating for and supporting maternal mental health.
  • Strategies that can help moms take action to pursue their dreams in a way that is aligned with their own motherhood journeys.
  • How an early morning routine, time blocking, and planning and preparation can be tools to juggle a wonderful and busy work life and family life.

Connect with Carly: 

On this episode of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast, I had a fantastic conversation with  Dr. Carly Crewe about mindset and motherhood!

Carly was so easy to talk to. She has relatable ideas and sound advice. Her words of wisdom for moms: “Give yourself grace. Everytime you make a decision and it doesn’t work out, it’s not failure – it’s feedback.” 100%! You’ve got this, Mama!


Becoming a mom is a huge life change and it is tough! There are physical changes, hormonal changes, societal pressures and expectations, and an uncertainty of our sense of self along with our new identity as a mom. So many changes happen all at once! Thankfully, it is becoming more common to discuss mental health and specifically maternal mental health.

Carly talks about the importance of making time to prioritize yourself (i.e. self care) and reaching out and asking for support because motherhood can be a very isolating experience. A starting point is thinking about the things that make you feel good and the things that make you feel like yourself and doing one of these things even just for 5-10 minutes. Carly refers to this as “mental health first aid”.

She also talks about the importance of developing an awareness of your thoughts and how to manage them. Our mindset can be a powerful tool in helping us to be more resilient and in helping us to keep things in perspective. Given that Carly is a mindset coach, this is one of her areas of expertise and I would highly recommend that you check out her amazing podcast Mind Over Motherhood to dive deeper into this topic and to get some fantastic tangible tools and strategies!

Carly shares how sometimes in social media and in society the motherhood experience is portrayed as being miserable and full of stress, worry, and overwhelm. Motherhood IS full of ups, downs, and in-betweens but we should be able to feel joyful and enjoy motherhood and we can also structure our life in a way that can help facilitate this.


Carly talks about how mom guilt, anticipated fears and worries, a lack of clarity, and obstacles such as time management and self doubt can hold moms back from pursuing their dreams. She discusses strategies that can help moms take action in a way that is aligned with their own motherhood journey. These include:

  • Putting our fears and worries in perspective
  • Clearing the mental clutter
  • Identifying and finding those things that make you feel like you and that bring you joy

As moms, when we take the time to fill our souls and do the things we love, we can feel more aligned, happy, and ultimately we can be better moms for our kids. This makes me think of the expression “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. You need to find what works best for you. There isn’t one cookie cutter approach that works best for individuals or families and the way that we do things can shift and change overtime.


An early morning routine, time blocking, and planning and preparation help Carly juggle her wonderful and busy work life and family life.

  • Early Morning Routines: Carly has some great podcast episodes all about early morning routines. (Check out the Mind Over Motherhood podcast!). An important part of her early morning routine is exercise. She and I are definitely on the same page with this! 
  • Time Blocking: Carly uses highlighters to colour code the different pieces of her day (business, work, family) so that she can be very intentional with how she is planning for and using her time. 
  • Planning & PreparationCarly and her husband sit down together to make a plan for the week ahead so that they are both on the same page for everything that needs to happen and where everybody needs to be. 

Carly knows that if she is scattered and all over the place, her family experiences this as well. If she can be more calm and present, her family will be too.

Thanks so much to Carly for a fantastic conversation and thank YOU for tuning in!




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