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e010 – The Part-Time Jungle Podcast: Keeping It REAL in Motherhood & Work with Vivian Rajic

Vivian Rajic is a full-time working from home boss mom to 2 boys and the founder of REAL Biz Moms. Vivian’s personal experience of isolation and her feelings of unworthiness as a mother is what led her to create a safe, supportive and empowering community where mothers can be REAL and where they can flourish in life and in business together.

In this episode:

  • The importance of being REAL (Recognized, Empowered, Authentic, and Loved) in motherhood and work
  • How there are many ways to be a good mom; there isn’t just one way.
  • Taking small steps can create a motherhood village with incredible connection and community.

Connect with Vivian:

On this episode of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast, I had a great conversation with Vivian Rajic about the importance of being REAL in motherhood and work, how there are many ways to be a good mom, and how taking small steps can foster connection and community in building a motherhood village.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to chat with Vivian! I have had the privilege to meet Vivian in person and when I did, she greeted me with a big hug. She is a warm and caring person who does an incredible job of facilitating connection and building community! Her words of wisdom: “Do what works best for you” and “Go at your own pace”.


When Vivian had her first child, she had this image of what being a mom “looked like”. This included staying at home, having fresh, home cooked meals three times a day, having a clean house, and constantly having activities planned throughout the day. However, she was not enjoying motherhood because she felt like she wasn’t doing the things that she SHOULD be. She was frustrated, angry, and unhappy.

Vivian attended an event hosted by an organization supporting women entrepreneurs. She enjoyed it and left feeling empowered. However, Vivian wasn’t sure of her next steps which left her feeling overwhelmed. Many of the women at the event weren’t moms and that’s where the disconnect was for her. Vivian decided that there should be the same sort of group created for moms in order to ignite a flame in mothers. This is how Real Biz Moms came to be!

Vivian Rajic and the REAL Biz Moms community.


REAL is an acronym that stands for Recognized, Empowered, Authentic, and Loved.

  • For Vivian being “Recognized” means having moms recognize themselves and THEIR hopes and dreams. As moms, we often are thinking about everyone else and can lose sight of who we are and what we want to do and accomplish.
  • Being “Empowered” is about having a community that can uplift us, empower us, and get us out of a rut when we are having those hard times and when we are struggling.
  • “Authentic” addresses the importance of being who we are. With social media, we are constantly comparing ourselves to one another and we see all these amazing moms doing all these amazing things. Our real lives are filled with good times AND hard times and it helps to have a safe space to be our authentic selves.
  • Finally, it is important that we are “Loved”.  We need to love one another and be kind to one another so that we can do all of the incredible things that we dream of. 


As moms, it can be hard not to compare ourselves to others. This has definitely been something that I have struggled with. From the outside looking in, it can look and feel like everyone else has it way more together than we do and are doing a better job. But there are lots of ways to be a good mom. There isn’t just one way.

When Vivian first became a mom, she decided to stay at home because she thought that she was doing the RIGHT thing but, ultimately, this choice wasn’t the right fit for her. This decision ended up negatively affecting all aspects of her life including relationships with family and friends.

You can stay at home, you can work full-time, you can work part-time. There are so many choices! Sometimes, of course, our circumstances limit the choices we have available to us. It is important as moms that we find ways to fill our cups, in our work life and/or in our family/personal life, so that we can be the best version of ourselves.


In motherhood, we often hear that “it takes a village” but sometimes it can be hard to find that village and motherhood can feel very lonely. Vivian found her village by putting herself out there and by looking for opportunities to connect with other people. She suggests taking one small step to get the ball rolling because making just one connection can lead to more connections.

She also talks about how you shouldn’t be afraid to start something or create something yourself. This is ultimately what led Vivian to create Real Biz Moms. The result was a community of moms looking for just what Vivian was looking for! And… this community is growing because other moms can relate to and connect to the values of being “Recognized, Empowered, Authentic, and Loved”!


Vivan says that you need to “Do what works best for you”.   For some moms, getting up before your kids is what works best for them. For a time, Vivian felt guilty that she wasn’t implementing this strategy in the work she was doing. However, she really needed the sleep. Instead, Vivian takes advantage of the windows of time that present themselves throughout the day to get her work done such as while her children are playing or occupied. This is what works best for her and her mom/work juggle.


Vivian talks about how it is important to “Go at your own pace”. Sometimes she feels like she should be further along with her business than she is. She reminds herself that even though there are others that are succeeding at a faster rate, that’s ok. We need to stop comparing ourselves and follow our own paths, journeys, and pace.

Thanks so much to Vivian for this fantastic conversation and thank YOU for tuning in!




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