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e012 – Look & Feel Your Best Mama with Rowena Sampang

Rowena Sampang is a mom of two young boys, a Marketing/Communications/Digital Consultant, and the Owner of an adorable boutique based in Calgary and Okotoks called Pink Liberty, offering women cute, modern clothing at an affordable price.

In this episode:

Strategies for success as you carve your path and pursue your passions.
Looking and feeling your best in clothes that fit.
The winning formula for shopping for clothes online.
Having fun and being authentic and vulnerable on social media. 

Connect with Rowena for fashion advice, style advice, and, even, life advice!

Instagram: @shoppinkliberty
Facebook: @shoppinkliberty

From Rowena: 

Book: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron – The method that Rowena uses for her morning journaling is based on this book!

On this episode of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast, I had an amazing conversation with Rowena about carving her path, pursuing her dreams, and strategies that have helped her along the way. We also talked about looking and feeling your best in clothes that actually fit, the winning formula for clothing shopping online, and having fun as well as being authentic and vulnerable on social media. 

If you prefer to listen, check out Episode 12 of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast. 

Rowena and I had a fantastic conversation! She is genuine, kind, has an incredible sense of style, and has some pretty fantastic dance moves! Have you checked out her fun TikTok videos on Instagram? You should! Rowena’s words of wisdom: “Don’t forget yourself.” She built Pink Liberty as a haven for women to remember their inner fabulos-ity through fashion and style. Her mantra is—put on a little lipstick, a great outfit and take a deep breath, because YOU matter. She wants to help women look and feel their best.

Rowena used to work full time in marketing and communications in the oil and gas industry. She had a comfortable position reporting to the president of the company she worked for. Rowena had a salary, benefits, and a car allowance. She enjoyed her job and the people that she worked with but she always knew that she would start a business at some point. Rowena had an itch that this would be something involving fashion. 

So…. she proposed, to the company that she was working for, that she move from a full-time salary position to a part-time contract role. Because of the relationship that she had with them, they were fully supportive of this option! For the past three years, she has been juggling this part-time contract work along with building Pink Liberty. 

In general, making the transition from working full time with your work friends, bringing your lunch to work, commuting, having set office hours, having someone dictate your day TO being an entrepreneur and planning your own day, getting up, getting dressed, motivating yourself, and doing work for yourself has been challenging! When she first made this transition, it was especially tough. She went through somewhat of a depression, she had some regret, and she questioned things: “What did I do?”  “Why did I do this?”  ‘How am I going to do everything and manage the kids?” 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was let go from her part-time position and this was quite devastating. Her work in her part-time corporate contract had been a connection to the corporate world and corporate life. This position had been her safety net in taking on Pink Liberty. She still had her family obligations, mortgage, and car payments. Fortunately, Rowena has had fantastic support from her mom, who looks after her kids while she is working, and she has an incredibly supportive husband who also plays a very active role with Pink Liberty. Thankfully,



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