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e017 – Resumes & Returning To Work with Clementine Crooks

Clementine Crooks is the co-owner of Resume Restoration. She and Erin Wallace, both Calgary moms of three children each, are Career Transition Experts and leaders in their field, specializing in writing and designing affordable resumes that reap powerful results. Their combined skill sets of Human Resources and Graphic Design experience ensure their job seeking clients receive professional, targeted and modern resumes that capture an individual’s unique skills and expertise. The resumes that they create are professionally formatted using their custom designed, eye-catching templates. Clementine and Erin also specialize in and can provide support with Cover Letters, LinkedIn, and Job Interviews.

In this episode:

How to write an impactful and functional resume that tells your story by highlighting your transferable skills, key accomplishments, and your experiences beyond your professional experiences.
Tips and ideas for moms looking to head back to the professional world including remembering that it takes a village, reminding ourselves that we can’t be everything to everyone, and embracing the adventure.
Communication is key in ensuring that we are the same page, with our family members and network, and that we are asking for and accepting the help that we need. 

Connect with Resume Restoration:

Resume Restoration Podcast

On this episode of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast, I had a great conversation with Clementine! We talked about how to write an impactful functional resume that tells your story, tips and ideas for moms looking to head back to the professional world, and how communication is key.

If you prefer to listen, check out Episode 17 of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast. 

I really enjoyed my conversation with Clementine. Both she and Erin are incredibly knowledgeable and action oriented as well as warm and personable. Their business clearly goes beyond creating impactful resumes and cover letters and supporting people with interview preparation and LinkedIn profiles. They value building relationships with their clients and providing incredible support and encouragement for them with the daunting, but also exciting, journey of seeking and applying for employment opportunities. 

Resume restoration was born in the spring of 2020 approximately two weeks before the Coronavirus pandemic started. It actually ended up being good timing for Clementine and Erin in that they were able to fully turn their business into a virtual business. 

Clementine’s background is in human resources. She has about fifteen years of experience working in HR. Clementine completed her Master’s degree in Leadership in 2012 and started doing consulting for organizations across Canada. Eight years ago, she and her husband moved to Calgary from British Columbia and she decided to become a full time HR consultant. Clementine’s work included providing career transition support to professionals when they were terminated from a position. Her support was part of their severance package. Clementine recognized how fantastic it was that these professionals would receive support to help them navigate the world of becoming a job seeker. This was often a world that they hadn’t been in for a long time. We’re talking five, ten, fifteen, sometimes twenty years. She thought to herself that there had to be a way to offer these types of services in a cost effective and timely fashion to job seekers more universally. 

Clementine and Erin have been friends for the past seven to eight years. Erin has a passion for graphic design and really specializes in creating impressive design content. Erin and Clementine combined their skills sets in creating Resume Restoration.



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