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e019 – Making You a Priority in Motherhood with Julie Cass

Julie Cass is the founder of The Positive Change Group. She helps people create positive changes in their lives through business coaching and personal development. Julie, a wife and proud mom of 2 children and 3 stepchildren, is also a motivational speaker, certified health, mindset and business coach, and a yoga instructor. Julie has scaled and grown 7 & 8 figure businesses as well as coached hundreds of leaders and business owners to success. Julie’s passion is to help ambitious women who are struggling with guilt and fear of growing to the next level. She helps them uncover a success road map to abundance without compromising their truth.

In this episode:

The importance of nurturing yourself as a mom so that you can be the best version of yourself.
Making you a priority in motherhood involves things such as setting boundaries, giving yourself grace, making self care non-negotiable, and remembering that it’s okay to say no.
Your relationship with yourself strengthens your connections with others. 

Connect with Julie:

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On this episode of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast, I had a great conversation with Julie of The Positive Change Group! We talked about the importance of nurturing yourself as a mom, making you a priority in motherhood, how your relationship with yourself strengthens your connections with others and… we even talked about Fortnite! Yes, we did! 

If you prefer to listen, check out Episode 19 of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast.

I really enjoyed my conversation with Julie. It was like sitting down for a cup of tea or coffee with a dear friend who really has your best interests at heart. 

One of the first things that Julie learned, when she was in her 20s, is that when you sacrifice your own sense of self and you put yourself second, it eventually catches up with you. She used to feel that in order to be successful she had to work seven days a week. Julie did this for a year. This had a negative effect on relationships in her life and she also lost herself and who she was. 

Julie is grateful that this happened before she became a mom because she learned that nothing is worth sacrificing yourself. You cannot possibly be the best version of yourself when you put yourself last or second. Julie grew up with a belief structure that when we as women put ourselves first that’s actually selfish. She’s done a lot of her own work in really unpacking that belief. It doesn’t actually make sense when you think about it. You should put yourself first so you have more to give to others. 

As women, we are awesome at nurturing other people. That is easy for us to do. When we turn that love and that nurturing inwards, you realize that doing that makes you a better version of you. You have more to give to your career. You have more to give to your kids. You have more to give to your husband or your partner. Ultimately, you are a happier person. The point of this life is actually to experience joy. We are here to experience joy and we shouldn’t feel guilty about that. The biggest thing for Julie is the importance of giving herself permission to take care of herself. 


SELF LOVE: Self love involves self care in the sense of really working on your mindset. This is the mental chatter and dialogue that we have with ourselves where we love ourselves unconditionally. The mindset piece is probably the biggest thing because every other dot in your life co…



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