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e022 – Be The CEO of Your Life with Kinia Romanowska

Kinia Romanowska, the founder and CEO of Pros&Babes, transforms successful, leadership-minded women who are temporarily overwhelmed by new motherhood into confident parents, skilled leaders, and thriving moms, without them compromising family happiness or health. She helps mothers contribute their talents fully to our world, as professionals and parents and wants to eliminate the “motherhood penalty” and the million-dollar wealth gap. As a business owner, wife, and mother of two, Kinia has helped hundreds of women pursue leadership, develop stronger, more intimate relationships with their partners, bond more closely with their children, and take the right actions to consistently crush their goals.

In this episode:

Get clear on your core values to guide your decision making and actions and to allow yourself to be the mom that you want to be.
Be the CEO of your life by being focused on your vision, core values, and goals, and by designing the life that you want.
In motherhood, you can find so much joy and happiness in even the simplest of things when you live in a way that is true to your values and you take leaps of faith.

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Merrill Lynch – The Million Dollar Wealth Gap

On this episode of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast, I had a great conversation with Kinia about the importance of getting clear on your core values, being the CEO of your life, the “motherhood penalty” and the million dollar wealth gap, and so much more! 

If you prefer to listen, check out Episode 22 of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast.

Kinia is incredibly committed and driven to support moms with their motherhood and work journey. I was incredibly inspired by our conversation and the passion that Kinia has for the work that she does and the community that she has created. 

Pros&Babes started as a figment of Kinia’s imagination a couple of years ago. She had been involved in many leadership organizations for women but she was concerned that there were no child-friendly opportunities. When she was thinking about venues or even about making them accessible, she realized that it was really tough. This inspired her to come up with the idea of Pros&Babes and she decided to get the domain. She had a feeling that it would become something! 

When Kinia was pregnant with her first son, she created a curriculum with themes revolving around career and motherhood. She put it on Eventbrite, submitted it on some mailing lists, and the first cohort was born. She had about six participants who came and they spent eight weeks together discussing both career and motherhood challenges with a loose structure and a couple of ground rules.

Kinia really wanted this to be a meaningful networking opportunity and not a one off where moms would exchange business cards. She wanted this to be a time where moms could come together and forge relationships and grow. At the time, Kinia called it “Connect, Learn, Grow” and this really marked the beginning of Pros&Babes.

Kinia continued adding programming, working with local organizations and incubators, and exploring how this could be her main occupation eventually, which it is now! During this time, Kinia went back to her job in corporate communications. She got pregnant again and was hiring people here and there to help her keep what she had started alive. Kinia had a lot on her plate with growing her …



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