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e024 – We Are All Human with Sara Blanchard

Sara Blanchard helps communities build connections through conscious conversations, which she does as a podcaster, facilitator, TEDx speaker, writer, and consultant. Having worked at Goldman Sachs and having helped to teach positive psychology at Harvard, Sara speaks the language of traditional accomplishment. But for over 10 years, Sara has also pursued the science and techniques of well-being as a life coach, mother, and author of Flex Mom. In addition to emceeing events like the World Happiness Summit and facilitating meaningful panel discussions about race, Sara co-founded and co-hosts the award-winning social justice podcast Dear White Women, which eases listeners into uncomfortable conversations about race, racism, and how to be more anti-racist.

In this episode:

The three types of labour of moms: physical, emotional, and calendaring/logistical – the latter two being more invisible and exhausting.
We are all human. To see the humanity in ourselves and others we need to remember that there are so many different perspectives, experiences, and narratives in our world.
Owning our own stories, who we are, what we need, and feeling a sense of self-worth can be supported by taking time to reflect on ourselves. 

Connect with Sara:



Dear White Women Podcast:
Book: Flex Mom: The Secrets of Happy Stay-At-Home Moms

Tedx Talk: How To Be Happier: Ask Better Questions  

Project: Voices From Next Door
This project is a conversation that highlights the voices of our black neighbors who live in predominantly white areas to really bring humanity back to different narratives of life. It allows more people to easily access the real life stories about the ways that race plays a part in everyday life in America.

Book mentioned by Sara:

The Artists’ Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron

On this episode of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast, I had a great conversation with Sara about the three types of labour of moms; physical, emotional, and calendaring/logistical. We also talked about how in order to see the humanity in ourselves and others we need to remember that there are so many different perspectives, experiences, and narratives in our world. As well, Sara discussed the importance of owning our own stories, who we are, and what we need as well as the importance of feeling a sense of self-worth. 

If you prefer to listen, check out Episode 24 of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast.

I first learned about Sara when I found her book “Flex Mom” at a local library and completely resonated with this third model of motherhood, somewhere between being a stay-at-home mom and a working mom. In her book, Sara describes the Flex Mom as “a mom who is the primary caregiver for their children but who is also deliberately creating a path that fuels their passions – leaving them fulfilled and confident”. In getting to know Sara, I learned that her husband is actually Canadian – from Winnipeg, Manitoba! 

When it comes to Sara’s work/life juggle, the key for her is being the primary caregiver. She is the mom of two children, one in upper elementary school and one in middle school. With school-age parenting, Sara realized pretty quickly that it wasn’t just about being there on the timeline of when the kids are awake and before and after school. If one of her kids gets sick, she’s the one who picks them up from school.



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