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e025 – Flexibility in Work That Works with Jennifer Hargreaves

Jennifer Hargreaves is the Founder and CEO of tellent and a mom of two children. tellent is an online resource and technology platform dedicated to helping professional women and employers find, fill and create flexible work. She is on a mission to make work, work better for women and advocates with the government, business and industry to create greater, and more equal, access to opportunities. Jennifer was educated in Canada and launched her career overseas in International Business Development. She has lived and worked in New Zealand, New York and London and now calls Toronto home. 

In this episode:

The “idea” of being fully present in our work life & family life is much easier than the implementation.
Flexibility in the workplace creates opportunities for a highly talented & often untapped group of women who want to be engaged & to lead in their careers.
When looking for flexible work get clear on what you want, connect with your network, do your research, & be prepared.
Leverage your existing network. Start with the people who already know, like, & trust you. 

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Facebook Group: tellent – professional women pursuing career and life ambitions


Jennifer Hargreaves:

Free Resource: Workbook – How To Negotiate Flexible Work

On this episode of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast, I had a great conversation with Jennifer about the disconnect between the idea and implementation of being fully present in our work life and family life. We also talked about how flexibility in the workplace creates opportunities and Jennifer shared some strategies to implement when negotiating for more flexible work. We chatted about leveraging your existing network as part of your job search and a whole lot more!

If you prefer to listen, check out Episode 25 of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast.

Jennifer was so much fun to talk to! You can feel the joy and passion that she has for the work that does with her tellent community. Jennifer is committed to making work better for women! 

Jennifer started tellent four years ago when both of her kids were at home. She said that she really struggled. It took her two years to figure out that she couldn’t do both well. At the beginning, she tried to get work done while her little ones were napping or while they were playing quietly for 15 minutes. 

What Jennifer found was that her mind was never fully on what she was doing and she felt like she was failing at both work and parenting. She found it incredibly stressful. Even just sitting down to respond to an email, getting her thoughts in order, and communicating her message was so hard. Jennifer would get interrupted or would expect to be interrupted. If she was playing with her kids, in the back of her mind, she would be wondering if someone had responded to the email that she had sent earlier. The cycle of thinking about one thing while doing another thing led Jennifer to really not be present. 

From this struggle, the key learning for Jennifer was to not try to do both. Instead, she tries to just be very present with what she is doing. When her kids are in school, this works well. She can work while they are away at school and she can be with them when they’re at home. This provides a nice, easy division. 

When COVID hit, though, Jennifer felt like she was right back to where she was before. She regressed in her business progression because she b…



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