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e029 – The Product Pathway with Nicole de Larzac

Nicole de Larzac has over 20 years of marketing and consulting experience. She has worked with large global brands, such as Coca-Cola and Kraft Foods, where she built new brands and also scaled mature brands. In addition, she worked internationally in Australia where she started a new product business, growing it to $2 Million in sales. She is proud to have launched The Productpreneur Podcast, featuring inspirational female ‘productpreneurs’ and valuable marketing content to grow a product business.  Her podcast is charting in the top 200 for Business: Entrepreneurship on Apple Podcasts in Canada and Australia. On a personal note, she is a mom to three amazing children, which is her biggest accomplishment yet!  She is passionate about fitness, skiing and binges on self development and marketing content.

In this episode:

Starting a product business is a great way to challenge yourself, grow in many ways, and to build a flexible work/home schedule.
The product pathway involves taking time to get clarity on the type of product, the type of business model, and the steps to move through to go from idea to action.
Our kids are watching us. They can be inspired by what we do and they can sense our happiness when we remember that we are important and that our dreams are important. 

Connect with Nicole:


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The Productpreneur Podcast:

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Handout – How To Come Up With a Winning Product Idea That Sells:

On this episode of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast, I had a fantastic conversation with Nicole about her motherhood and work juggle, how a product-based business can be a great option for moms looking for more flexible and part-time work, and the product pathway that can take you from idea to action.

If you prefer to listen, check out Episode 29 of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast.

Nicole is someone that you immediately feel comfortable with. She is warm, kind, and so easy to talk to. It was fun to learn that we are both moms of three kids who are at very similar ages! 

Nicole doesn’t feel that she has ever been able to find the right “balance” but feels that this is a common feeling for moms. She has struggled with the feeling of not doing enough for her career or not doing enough for her family. It has taken her time but now she feels that she has found that right sort of groove.

Nicole was pregnant when she and her husband moved to Australia. She was working full-time at Coca Cola in corporate marketing. Nicole loved her job but it was pretty grinding. The hours were tough, she was putting a lot into her work, and she couldn’t see herself giving less than 150%.

When Nicole had her first baby, she felt this real tug to be there for her child. She didn’t want to go back to that corporate life where she felt like she was not going to be the greatest career person or the best mom. This led Nicole to ask herself what she could do to have that balance?

For Nicole, she realized that starting a business would be a way to achieve this. So, she started an import business in Australia where she imported products from South America. She then sold these products to companies including big retailers such as Kohls and Woolworths. This was the start of Nicole’s entrepreneurial career. Nicole grew her import business to about 2 million dollars in sales. She was incredibly proud of herself because it really took her out of her comfort zone and forced he…



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