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e030 – From Corporate to Cookies with Stephanie Cohen

Stephanie Cohen describes herself as a “relationship builder.” It’s a quality that has made her an empathetic person and someone who is intrigued with the unique qualities of everyone. She believes understanding “what makes a person tick” is a key component in building a more constructive dialogue between people.  As a Human Resources Professional, she enjoys figuring out how different people can work together productively to improve performance, growth, and employee engagement. Stephanie was born and raised in Calgary, AB, and attended York University in Toronto, ON where she graduated with a degree in Human Resources Management. She’s obtained designations in the Human Resource field in both Canada and the US, including the Chartered Professional of Human Resources (CPHR), and the Senior Certified Professional (SHRM) designations. Stephanie was laid off and found herself desperate for activities to do with her kiddos during the pandemic lockdown. She’s always had a relationship with confections (especially those with sprinkles) so she decided to take a risk and shift her focus from corporate to cookies! Steph created a small business called Yours Truly Cookies, and the concept is Paint Your Own (PYO) Cookie. It’s the perfect combination of activity and snack –  an interactive and tasty treat for all ages! Each cookie is individually heat sealed and comes with a paintbrush and edible paint palette. With the business less than a year old, she has been fortunate to have gained traction quickly and this side hustle has quickly blossomed into a small business! Her hope is to bake the world a more interactive place!

In this episode:

Making a change requires taking a leap of faith especially when fear and imposter syndrome creep in.
Mentorship matters. When you are looking to do or you are doing something new or different, reach out, ask questions, and seek advice.
Go for it! There’s always room in this world for good ideas or for ideas that make the world a better place.

Connect with Stephanie:

Instagram: @yours_truly_cookies
Facebook: @yourstrulycookies

On this episode of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast, I had a wonderful conversation with Stephanie about her journey from corporate to cookies! We talked about how making a change requires taking a leap of faith, the importance of seeking out mentorship opportunities when you are looking to do or doing something new, how there’s lots of room in the world for your amazing idea, and so much more! 

If you prefer to listen, check out Episode 30 of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast.

Stephanie is practically my neighbour! It was so much fun to discover in our conversation that we live in the same community as one another and about 700m apart! You will love learning about Stephanie’s story of resilience and perseverance. She took a lemon and made it into lemonade in her journey from corporate to cookies!

Stephanie’s business venture started around Father’s Day when we were on lockdown. Her family was doing a lot of baking and her kids love to paint. She wondered if there was a way to incorporate the two. Stephanie and her kids started just doing watercolors on royal icing and then, this evolved into making designs. “Paint your own cookies” is not Stephanie’s original concept. It’s something that’s out there in the world but just hasn’t really been explored here in Calgary.

Stephanie’s family has been very supportive of this new adventure! To help with her juggle, she and her husband decided to bring a teacher on board to help them out part-time at their house with their kids. With this teacher’s support, Stephanie was able to keep up with baking, fulfilling orders, and also spending time with her kids.



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