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e031 – Run Towards The Roar with Jessica Janzen Olstad

Jessica Janzen Olstad is a motivational speaker, published author and a ‘serial-perneur’. She and her husband, Hot Ronnie, are the founders of the Love for Lewiston Foundation. After losing their son Lewiston just over 4 years ago she decided that she would stop wasting time and would get moving on her big dreams – speaking, writing and inspiring others to do the same. Her clothing line – The Lewiston Label – highlights the life lessons Lewiston taught her. The foundation is impacting lives across Canada and supporting critical research and medical needs for families fighting Spinal Muscular Atrophy. To date, in just 3 1/2 years, they have raised over $1, 000, 000. She loves spending time with family, soaking up sunshine, being by water –  and dreaming really big always with the daily focus to “run towards the roar”.

In this episode:

Run towards the roar! The things that scare you the most and that are the hardest to do will be on your highlight reel.
Bring the joy even in life’s most challenging moments and difficult times.
Own your time from dusk until dawn. Evening and morning routines can set you up for success and the unexpected.
Find the rhythm for the season of your life. There isn’t balance. Things are going to ebb and flow and be up and down.
You get to define your journey and write your story. You have to believe that anything is possible and then go after it.

Connect with Jessica:



Book: Bring The Joy


STAY TUNED for Jessica’s upcoming virtual course: The Hard Work


A 6 week course with a gritty approach on how to turn your pain into rocket fuel for women who have experienced hurt, loss or grief and want to use it to find their life’s purpose.

Mentioned by Jessica:

Book: Through the Eyes of a Lion: Facing Impossible Pain, Finding Incredible Power by Levi Lusko

On this episode of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast, I had an incredibly inspiring conversation with Jessica about bringing the joy and running towards the roar. We talked about owning your time from dusk until dawn, finding the rhythm for the season of your life, and how you can define your journey and write your story.

If you prefer to listen, check out Episode 31 of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast.

Jessica is warm and engaging. She keeps it so real in terms of her journey, motherhood, work, and the challenges and success along the way. You will be absolutely inspired by Jessica’s story, the lessons learned from her son Lewiston, and how she has turned pain into rocket fuel.

Jessica and her family have a clothing company called The Lewiston Label and it truly highlights the life lessons that her son Lewiston has taught them with these inspiring messages written on the shirts. For Jessica, one of the most valuable and important lessons, has been to run towards the roar. In fact, she has a tattoo with that very message on her forearm. 

When her son Lewiston passed, she was gifted a book called “Through The Eyes of a Lion” written by Levi Lusko, a pastor out of Montana. In that book, he talks about the death of his daughter who unexpectedly passed away five days before Christmas due to an asthma attack. In one of the chapters of the books, he talks about the way that lions hunt and he brilliantly uses this as an analogy for our lives.

Female lions are the primary hunters in a lion pride. Male lions provide the pride with protection while the females provide the food. While hunting, the female lion chases the prey towards the male lion.



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