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e039 – TikTok Is For Moms with Samantha Vlasceanu

Samantha Vlasceanu, The TikTok Coach, is on a mission to convince businesses and brands that TikTok is not just for our teenagers! She is an entrepreneur, mom of two, and full-time TikTok Coach. When COVID-19 hit, her business (Travelling Munchkin) had to shut down and she had to pivot  – FAST. That's when she realized that she'd been using TikTok all along and had grown her following to over 125k in just months. Fast forward to today, Sam works with parents, social media strategists, coaches, lawyers, fitness trainers – you name it! Sam ensures all her clients are using the app as a sales funnel in finding their target audience and converting them into ACTUAL paying clients. 

In this episode:

Staying Present. Making sure that we’re in the moment & present with those around us allows us to form stronger connections with others.

The Football Analogy. Think of your goals as the end zone & the journey as the football game. Keep taking the steps so you can get a touchdown.

TikTok Goes the Clock. Despite what many people believe, you cannot be “too old” for TikTok & it’s a valuable tool to have.

Marketing Pros. Given how unsaturated the app is, businesses can promote their goods & services without fear of the algorithm working against them.

Setting Boundaries. By separating work & home, we can recharge & dedicate time to ourselves.

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*Thank you to Emily Mc., my amazing professional student intern, who wrote the show notes for this episode!

If you prefer to listen, check out Episode 39 of The Part-Time Jungle Podcast.

Samantha describes her home life as chaotic, she has two young kids at home who are both doing online school whilst she spends her days working from home. One tactic that she came up with was setting boundaries to calm the chaos, and let her children know when she’s working. Samantha also speaks about the importance of being present. Children often pick up when they aren’t getting enough attention, and being kids, they aren’t afraid to call people out on that. Whether it be that somebody is on their phone or half asleep, children pick up on these cues and risk exhibiting them when they’re older. This is why being present and giving children the attention they desire is important, it also keeps them engaged and excited to have a connection with you. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, Samantha’s travelling business came to a screeching halt, so it is no surprise that she is comfortable with adapting, or “pivoting”, as she describes it. In 2020, Samantha found it hard to find a COVID-friendly career that suited her, so she would use the TikTok app as a form of distraction. Samantha then realized that her new career had been right in front of her all along, TikTok. Her account had grown so much that she had 125,000 followers in only a few months. Now, Samantha works with parents, social media strategists, coaches, lawyers, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

Samantha describes her experience with pivoting and finding work as a football game. Every corporation or company has an end goal, which she relates back to a touchdown. She says that you’re moving forwards, but sometimes when it doesn’t work out, you have to take a few steps back. Taking steps back is okay, but remember to keep the end goal in mind. Also, keep in mind that not everything you accomplish will be a touchdown, but as long as progress is being made, that’s okay.




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