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Content + Community + Connection

Your “Know, Like, Trust” Factor

Teaching and learning are relationship building opportunities. They are a chance for your clients, customers, and community to get to know you and to learn about your zone of genius. They are also a chance for you to get to know your clients, customers, and community better in terms of their interests, wants, needs, questions, and ideas. I’m here to support you in creating a learning experience that will connect with your learners and that can reinforce and grow your “know, like, trust” factor with your community by keeping relationships at the forefront.

There are two broad categories that we will look at in our work together whether you have an existing course or a course in the making. These are program content and program design.

Program Content

Program content is the “what” of your learning experience. We will look at:

  • How the content connects to and resonates with your community of learners
    • Does it align with their wants, needs, questions, and desired end result?
  • The organization of the content
    • Does it take your learners on a journey in a way that makes sense?
  • The scope and detail of the content
    • Does it include too little or too much information?
    • Does it include information that is relevant and necessary or is some information outside of the scope of the course?
    • Will the scope and detail of content underwhelm or overwhelm your learners?
Program Design

Program design is the “how” of your learning experience. We will look at:

  • The clarity of the course objectives
    • Are you clearly and succinctly stating what your participants are going to know, understand, and/or be able to do by the end of the course?
    • Have you used learner friendly language for these objectives?
  • The strength of the connections of the content with the course objectives
    • How well does your course content align with each of the program outcomes for the course?
    • Does the course clearly provide your learners with the opportunity to know, understand, and/or be able to do what you have outlined?
  • The implementation and effectiveness of engagement strategies
    • Have you provided your learners with opportunities to engage with the course content in a variety of ways suited to different learning styles? (i.e. visual, auditory, tactile-kinesthetic)
    • Have you provided your learners with opportunities to make the content you are teaching meaningful to them?
    • Have you utilized engagement strategies such as learning activities, reflective questions, checklists, stories, and examples?
  • The implementation of learner checkpoints and accountability
    • Do you have tools in place to help your learners stay on track and to monitor their progress?
    • Do you have tools in place to help your learners to reflect on their progress and growth?
  • The implementation of course feedback strategies
    • Have you created tools to seek meaningful feedback from your learners about their key takeaways, course experience, and further questions?

By keeping your learners at the forefront of your learning experience, your content will connect in a meaningful way and your course will truly be transformative for your community.

Content + Community + Connection = Relationship Building



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