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e044 – Community & Connection with Lisa Webb

Lisa Webb is an author, educator, entrepreneur, and mom of 2 who has lived on four different continents with her family. Her experience as a global citizen has taught her that women everywhere thrive when they have a sense of community, connection and belonging. This was the driving force behind her starting Wine, Women and Well-Being; which has expanded to 23 cities across Canada and has now launched internationally in France. Lisa believes that we are all stronger together and is passionate about making that a reality through Wine, Women and Well-Being events. She is also the host of the podcast “May Contain Wine” where she chats with women about all things community, entrepreneurship, wellness, and everyday life. 

In this episode:

Living the expat life as a global family. Lisa and her family have lived on four different continents and her girls were actually born in France!
Bringing people together. Lisa has always loved connecting people from different areas of her life.
Being a part of a community. Being part of a circle, having a place, and feeling like you belong, can be life changing in the best way!
Expat life can be both amazing and tough. There can be those “pinch me” moments along with those difficult and challenging times.
Considering the expat life for your family? Do your homework and learn the language.
Learning opportunities facilitate connection. There’s so much value in enjoying a night out and learning something new.
You do not have to go it alone. Lean on those friends who you can just be your real self with.

Connect with Lisa:



Facebook: @winewomenwellbeing

Podcast: May Contain Wine

From Lisa:

Book Recommendation: At Your Best: How to Get Time, Energy, & Priorities Working in Your Favor by Carrie Nieuwhof

Connect with Tiana and The Part-Time Jungle:


Lisa Webb is an educator and a lifelong learner. She has been a classroom teacher and an assistant principal. She also has her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. She is all about personal development, learning, reading, podcasts, and audio books. Lisa says that “We connect better when we are learning new things together.”

Wine, Women, and Well-Being events are both a night out and an opportunity to learn something may it be from a hands-on activity or a listening to a speaker and learning from their experiences. You can enjoy a glass of wine and also get a takeaway. Learning makes us better people whether we are young, old, or anywhere in-between!

Lisa and her family’s recent move has taught her the importance of letting her kids see this. Moving back to France, from Calgary, her girls are now older and they understand more. They are also fully functional in French which, although she is doing amazingly well, Lisa is not. Lisa’s daughters have seen her practice what she preaches with Wine, Women & Well-Being. 

She often says things like:

You can do hard things.
Try your best and be brave.
Try something new.

They see Lisa fumbling her way through conversations in French or figuring out where to go. This has been humbling for Lisa. However, she also knows that it is a good example to show her kids that their parents are real people. They don’t know all the answers and that is okay. It’s given her kids a very human side to this new experience.



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