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e048 – Building Resilience with Leah Davidson

Leah Davidson is a Certified Life Coach with The Life Coach School and founder of Leah Davidson Life Coaching. She is also the host of the Building Resilience Podcast.  Leah holds a MSc (A) in Speech Language Pathology and has spent over two decades as an SLP helping people rehabilitate and rebuild their lives following a traumatic brain injury. She is also a trauma informed certified EFT practitioner and Breathwork Facilitator. Leah is committed to helping people improve their emotional and mental health and create a joyful life by building resilience and focusing on the connection between the body, mind, heart & soul. Leah is also a wife, mom and step mom to a blended family of 5 kids (ages between 16-23). She loves to read, walk, learn, write and snap too many pictures of her family, her dog and the Toronto skyline, where she now calls home. She has a passion for travel, and she usually has multiple trips on the horizon. She loves sunrises and sunsets, poutine, sushi, and all things brain related. 

In this episode:

Parenting young adults. Leah describes this as switching from being the person who is flying the airplane to being in the watchtower instead.
Your success guide as a mom. The importance of defining what this means to you.
Resilience is the ability to tolerate the challenges, to bend and be flexible, and to learn something along the way.
Strategies to raise more resilient kids such as helping them to be resourceful and reminding them that it is okay to have negative emotions.
Building our own resilience as parents by working on the three pillars of body, mind, and heart and soul. 

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We are surrounded by adversity and nothing in life goes exactly as planned. Adversity if always around. It’s like your shadow. It might be big or small but it’s always going to be there. How can we deal with it? Ultimately, you have to come up with a plan to face it. 

For Leah, resilience is the ability to tolerate challenges and to get through the challenges. It is the ability to bend and be flexible but to not break while you are bending and being flexible. It is the ability to bounce back and to weather the storm. It is making it through the storm and coming out the other side having learned something. Whatever your challenge is, don’t compare it to something that somebody else is going through. What is happening to you is significant in your life. 

In her work, Leah helps people to build up their confidence and resilience and helps them when they are going through difficult times. These can be things that we classify as big things but it can also be those smaller, everyday things that can lead us to quickly reach our breaking point. We can feel stuck when we are focused on trying to change our circumstances. We can’t change an injury, an illness, a divorce, a job loss or a mental health challenge. 

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