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The Part-Time Jungle Podcast Episode 50: Celebrating Life's Moments with Amy Milne

e050 – The Part-Time Jungle Podcast: Celebrating Life’s Moments with Amy Milne

Do you celebrate life’s moments? Do you prioritize that joy and depth of gratitude as a family? If you’re looking for ways to celebrate the small things in life with more ease and grace, you will find this episode enlightening and empowering.

Amy, a mom of two teen boys, is one of Canada’s go-to experts in event creation and production. No matter the type of event you are planning, if you are looking to level-up, Amy is your gal! She is a former in-house event planner for some of Canada’s largest charity organizations where she led teams to create and execute events that raised into the millions of dollars for those who needed it most. Amy followed her passion for creating life changing events and used her entrepreneurial instincts to open the doors to Beyond Fundraising Inc. to ensure non-profit organizations nation-wide had a loud and meaningful event voice.

Recently, Amy co-founded The Pop-Up Event Co., to fill her cup with balloon & luxury event design, intimate wedding & event planning, and serving drinks out of The Bea Bar. Basically, all things events are her jam! Or her cup of tea, or her glass of wine!

Listen in as we talk about:

  • People as the passion behind her events. Amy’s vision is to always create a space where like-minded humans can come together and change the world.
  • Creating memorable celebrations. Amy talks about how important it is to create events that are personalized to the person or organization she is creating them for.
  • Favourite ways to celebrate. How Amy and her family celebrate holidays and other events as a family, and how they’ve made each experience unique to them.
  • Giving yourself grace. Parenting is hard and we doubt ourselves often. Amy reminds us why it’s important to remember that we’re doing the best we can, especially on the hard days.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Connect with Amy:

“Our kids picked us and we picked them. We are the right parents for them, regardless of our good days or bad days.”

Parenting two very different kids with two different parenting styles. Amy has two teenage boys who are very different and require different parenting approaches. Between learning how to support how they show up in the world and managing different anxieties, Amy knows that each of her kids needs something different from her. She also shares how her kids have helped her become a better person too.

“My passion for events is really the people. It’s being able to create a space where humans can come together.”

In becoming an event planner, Amy has followed her passion for doing things for the greater good. She loves throwing amazing events that raise a lot of money in order to help people to get better, to do different things, and to really embrace life. When people come together that are like-minded or that have a joint goal, it is an opportunity to see people change the world.

Celebrating each and every milestone as a family. Amy shares how her and her family host a lot of events and entertain often. She talks about how each day they are celebrating something special as a family, even if it’s as simple as deep gratitude for the day ahead. Amy prioritizes celebrating in order to give thanks and gratitude for each moment. She also shares about the importance of traditions, and how Amy and her family make each tradition unique to them.


“We are grateful for where we live, the adventures we have, and the people in our lives.”

Amy’s family is big on celebrating everyday. They celebrate all the things that they are grateful for. Oftentimes, they host celebrations, with Amy being an event planner and her family having the space to do so. For her kids, it is really important for Amy to celebrate them in a way that is authentic and specific to them. One of her son’s might want a video game party and the other might want to go skiing or skateboarding. “It’s not about the cake I want. It’s about what the kids want.” When her family or clients are planning events and celebrations, this is something that Amy reminds them about as well.


“I think we all need to give ourselves a whole lot more credit and a whole lot more benefit of the doubt than we do.”

In every day, every moment, and every meltdown. Amy reminds us why it’s so important to give ourselves grace, especially on the hard days. She explains that it’s okay for us to take space from our kids, especially as a busy entrepreneur, and how in fact it can help them become even more resilient.


  • Go-to meal on a busy night: Tacos, Eggs, Sushi
  • Favourite family activity: Skiing and Family Camp
  • Favourite book: You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero


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