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The Part-Time Jungle Podcast Episode 52: Creating a Conscious Life & Business with Anna Lozano

e052 – The Part-Time Jungle Podcast: Creating a Conscious Life & Business with Anna Lozano

Are you connected to your intuition? Have you thought about the relationship between consciousness and intentionally choosing our actions? In every moment, we get the opportunity to create our reality, whether it be through our words, thoughts or affirmations. You’re going to love this episode’s guest, Anna Lozano, Co-Founder of Love Powered Co. and a coach to ambitious creators. Anna is raising 2 mindful girls in Kelowna and is passionate about all things health & wellness, and supporting women to reach their audacious goals!

Listen in as we talk about:

  • Raising kids mindfully. Anna talks about how much of a responsibility it is to have kids and why we should be having conversations about how we want to raise our kids before they’re born.
  • Being connected to intuition. Anna shares about her connection to her intuition and how it’s been a guiding light for her in both life and business decisions.
  • Why affirmations are important. The thoughts we have and words we speak have a profound impact on our mindset and self-talk. 
  • Advice for female founders. Anna gives us her best tips and insight for female founders and entrepreneurs.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Connect with Anna


Anna shares her beliefs around raising kids and says that she doesn’t think many people really go deep into the conversations of ‘What is motherhood?’ And ‘What is parenthood?’ In addition, she suggests we should be having these conversations, especially if you want to raise them consciously and mindfully. We think about growing businesses and we have strategies and mentors in place but we get into motherhood and it’s a big transition without instructions.


“It’s about being connected to intuition, getting the downloads and also being quiet enough to hear the answers. That’s how I move through motherhood and business.” 

All of us are intuitive beings, but with all the external noise, we don’t necessarily tune into it, listen to it or pay attention to it. Anna shares that the more that we can listen to those little nudges and the more we can take that intentional inspired action, the more our life is going to flow. She is constantly connected and guided to her intuition, and taps into this energy in both motherhood and business. 


“You can start affirmations at any age. It’s a powerful, lifelong practice.” 

Affirmations are so important. Mindfulness is so important. What you speak in your mind is what you will speak into existence. Anna talks about how affirmations have transformed her self-talk and ability to shift negative thoughts quickly. Having a physical tool, like an affirmation set, allows you to bring focused intention into the words that you’re speaking out loud and into the thoughts that you’re programming into your subconscious.


“Our subconscious mind is always working. When we are thinking our thoughts, when we are speaking our words, those are creating our reality.”

Anna says that if we can consciously choose our words and thoughts, we can consciously choose our reality. Rather than having things happen on autopilot, we can catch ourselves in a negative thought and turn it into a neutral thought, and then, a positive one. This can have a transformative effect on our entire life. Wherever you are, just get started and make it a habit so that you can consciously co-create your life rather than doing it by default.


The best way to get ahead is to learn from someone who has done what you want to do. As Anna shares, the only way to fast track your success is by hiring someone, working with someone, or teaming up with someone who is where you want to go. This can be a coach, mentor or partner.



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