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The People Teaching People Podcast Episode 21: Building Your Online Presence & Community with Stacey Watts

021: Building Your Online Presence & Community with Stacey Watts

In this episode, Stacey Watts joins me to talk about building your online presence and community. 

Stacey is a heart-centred entrepreneur whose journey has been all about community and curiosity. In this episode, you will hear a personal story about how Stacey went above and beyond with helping me with a social media crisis and how committed she is to always learning and supporting and guiding her people. 

Stacey is a social media coach and content strategist with over 10 years of experience in social media management. She is the founder of Stacey on Social and the #BehindtheContent Social Club, where she helps businesses and individuals improve their social media presence and create engaging content. With a passion for community, connection, and communication, Stacey has worked with a wide range of clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. She has been a coach for the past 4 years, sharing her knowledge and expertise with those looking to take their social media and content strategy to the next level. Whether you are new to social media or a seasoned pro, Stacey can help you develop a powerful and effective social media and content strategy that will help you connect with your audience and achieve your business goals.


Listen in as we talk about:

  • The significance of building relationships. Stacey explains why and how building strong and meaningful relationships is of the utmost significance for business success and personal growth.
  • Why the ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work. Stacey shares why this approach to teaching and learning doesn’t work and how to tailor your message accordingly.
  • Repurposing content. The same messaging and information can be shared in a variety of ways to reach and connect with a wider audience.
  • Tips to help you protect your social media accounts. Whether or not you have been a victim of attacks on your social media accounts, Stacey shares her best tips for keeping your content safe.
  • Stop worrying about the algorithm. Trying to beat a complex math equation is not the best use of your time on social media! Instead, find out what your people are interested in. 


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“It takes a village to raise a business.”

Stacey considers relationship building to be of the utmost priority in her work. For her, it’s not just about creating a community of clients, but also about connecting people and facilitating the growth of their networks. 

Having grown up in a close-knit community, she recognizes the value of collective support in achieving common goals, whether it was obtaining resources for the town or building a successful business. Stacey believes that as a solopreneur, having a supportive community is crucial to combat feelings of isolation and to foster personal and professional growth. She emphasizes the importance of learning from her community and views her peers as valuable collaborators rather than competitors. 

Stacey’s approach to relationship building involves taking the time to get to know individuals, offering coffee chats to understand their needs, and providing guidance even if it means connecting them with someone else who can better serve them. Through her emphasis on meaningful connections, Stacey aims to create a supportive and collaborative network that extends far beyond her own business.


Stacey Watts, of Stacey on Social says, “An interactive and curiosity-based approach can create an amazing and impactful experience.”

“An interactive and curiosity-based approach can create an amazing and impactful experience.”

Stacey emphasizes the importance of personalized coaching and avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead of running courses that may not align with her coaching style, she has set up a membership where she can tailor her coaching to individuals’ specific needs. 

Stacey is enthusiastic about researching and learning new things to provide valuable insights to her clients. She values understanding each person’s starting point to avoid wasting their time and focuses on delivering content that is relevant and beneficial to them.

She shares a powerful experience she had during a speaking engagement. Initially, her presentation was either too advanced or covered information that the audience already knew. Recognizing this, she decided to switch gears and engage the participants in a more interactive and curiosity-driven approach. By asking each person about their profession and offering content ideas based on their specific industry, she was able to capture their interest and provide valuable insights. This interactive and community-based approach left a lasting impact on the participants, leading to ongoing connections, referrals, and a strong sense of community support.

Stacey Watts is the founder of Stacey on Social & the #BehindtheContent Social Club, where she helps businesses & individuals improve their social media presence & create engaging content.


“Repurposing is so incredibly important because you can continue your presence on social media without having to be on there every day.”

This same mindset, of avoiding a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, also applies to content and specifically to repurposing content. It’s about what your audience wants from you and needs from you. Different people learn best from different types of content. Some people prefer video while others prefer written or audio. If you are just sharing content in one way, you are going to miss out on opportunities to connect with people. A best practice is to repurpose your content and share it in multiple ways. You can give the same message and information in a carousel, a static image, audio, video, and long form content such as blog posts. There are so many ways to share information. 


Stacey Watts is the founder of Stacey on Social & the #BehindtheContent Social Club, where she helps businesses & individuals improve their social media presence & create engaging content.

Have you ever been the victim of getting your accounts compromised? Stacey provides several suggestions for protecting and preserving your online presence. She emphasizes the importance of setting up two-factor authentication on all social media platforms to make it harder for hackers to access your accounts. Stacey also highlights the significance of showing your face in your content, as platforms like Instagram use facial recognition and AI to verify your identity.

She recommends considering paid verification options offered by platforms like Meta (formerly known as Facebook) to provide additional security measures. Stacey shares her own experience of identifying a hacked account and stresses the need for vigilance and reporting suspicious activity. To prevent loss of content in case of hacking or platform issues, she advises creating a content vault using tools like Canva for graphics, Google Drive for videos, and Evernote for storing ideas and notes.

Stacey highlights the value of having a content vault, as it allows you to maintain a backup of your content and easily repurpose it across different platforms or during service disruptions. By leveraging a content vault, you can save time, energy, and avoid starting from scratch if you ever face a loss of accounts or platforms.


Stacey outlines some of the biggest time wasters on social media including worrying about what other people think, worrying about all the changes and new features happening on platforms, and worrying about the algorithm! 

The algorithm is a giant algebraic mathematical equation that collects information on the actions that we are taking on platforms. This includes the likes, dislikes, comments, saves, shares, mutes and scrolls past things we don’t want to see or read. All of these actions are accumulated. If we continually worry about hacking, breaking, or beating the algorithm, this will prove to be a huge time waster. Trying to beat a complex math equation is not the best use of your time on social media! To top it all off, every platform has different criteria that fill into the algorithm. 

Instead, if you find that you get ‘crickets’ for a particular post, try something different. If you get a lot of engagement on something that you share, repeat and recreate it. Find out what your people, your community, are interested in. Ask questions and listen to your audience. Show up in a way that is more curious. 

  • What is something that you would love to learn about or something that you would love to learn how to do? YouTube

  • What is a place that is at the top of your travel bucket list? Scotland

  • What is a book, podcast, or TV show that you have enjoyed recently? Book: Super Fans by Pat Flynn 

  • If you could sit down and have a conversation with someone that you would love to learn from, who would it be? Mari Smith, Judi Fox, Pat Flynn, and Molly Mahoney



1:00 Meet Stacey

2:30 Stacey’s story

7:48 Stacey talks about what relationship building looks like in her business and why this is so important to the work that she does

12:15 Stacey shares why a ‘one size fits all’ approach to teaching and learning doesn’t work and how to tailor your message accordingly

20:00 Stacey discusses the importance of repurposing content

24:00 Stacey highlights her top tips for people to protect themselves and their accounts on social media

32:20 Stacey outlines some of the biggest time wasters on social media and shares some practical tips for using social media more effectively 

38:00 Stacey reflects on her favourite teachers and learning experiences

45:25 What Stacey is most proud of looking back on her journey so far

51:15 Stacey answers some rapid fire questions



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