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The People Teaching People Podcast Episode 26: Journey to Authenticity & Lifelong Learning

026: Journey to Authenticity & Lifelong Learning with Fran Murray

In this episode, you will gain the dose of inspiration and motivation that you’re needing today. I have had a number of opportunities to hear my guest Fran Murray speak and I leave each one feeling like I have learned something new. We discuss finding our authenticity, taking a relational vs. transactional approach when it comes to business as well as teaching and learning, the importance of being a lifelong learner, and so much more! 

Fran Murray, the bougie baker, food network competitor, and author, is the visionary behind Fran Murray Co. This boutique gifting agency excels at meticulously curating unforgettable experiences by fusing Fran’s handcrafted gourmet confections with carefully selected products from local women and visible minority-owned businesses. With Fran’s expertise, high-ticket service-based businesses can nurture key relationships, optimize their profits and reclaim their time through automated relationship-based gifting strategies.


Listen in as we talk about:

[3:05] How Fran started baking

[5:40] Feeling lost after her first child

[6:30] Rediscovering who she was

[9:55] Starting her own baking business

[11:40] Moving to Canada from Jamaica as a child

[14:40] How teachers or community members could have made her transition easier when she moved

[19:40] The reinvention of yourself

[24:35] Finding your own authenticity 

[31:20] Showing our appreciation for others

[48:35] Fran answers some rapid-fire questions

[53:35] Continuous learning and the gift of sharing


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Connect with Tiana:

Fran Murray, of Fran Murray Co., says "The journey to authenticity is a lifelong one. Embrace it, learn from it, and watch yourself bloom."

At 30, Fran embarked on a self-reflective journey, challenging the idea that motherhood marked the end of her personal growth. She delved into vision board exercises, attended conferences, and actively sought out a vibrant community that resonated with her desire for continuous creativity and motion.

Reflecting on her identity beyond familial roles and social expectations, she rekindled her passion for baking, which provided her with a profound sense of solace and purpose. This transformative experience resonates with many moms who undergo a similar self-discovery process, often feeling alone and struggling to articulate their emotions. 

Fran’s story underscores the importance of surrounding oneself with individuals pursuing diverse paths, ultimately sparking personal growth and rekindling one’s inner spark.


Fran Murray, of Fran Murray Co., is throwing a beautifully wrapped gift.


Wearing an identity imposed by societal expectations can lead to burnout and exhaustion.  Fran’s key advice is to delve deep into your core self and discover what truly ignites your passion and purpose, irrespective of external pressures or labels. This journey of self-discovery may be challenging, often involving uncomfortable self-reflection and shedding behaviors that don’t align with your authentic self. 

Fran’s realization of her inauthentic corporate persona highlighted the need for this transformation. Embracing authenticity brings freedom and confidence, allowing you to fearlessly pursue your path without being swayed by others’ opinions.

Although imposter syndrome is a universal challenge, you can overcome it by focusing on your past achievements and the belief that change leads to growth. The ongoing journey of authenticity is both daunting and beautiful, ultimately fostering a sense of fulfillment.


Fran Murray, of Fran Murray Co., leaning against a wall holding a purse.


Relationships are at the core of everything Fran does. She always strives to connect with people at a human level. This allows Fran to run her business in a way that is more relational and less transactional. People need to feel that they are seen. They need to know that they matter and that they are loved.

In business, if you focus on your people feeling appreciated, you will have to do a lot less when it comes to marketing. They will remember the feeling of your gestures of appreciation and they will talk about them with others. For Fran, her legacy is infusing love into the world and leaving the world better than how she found it. 


Fran Murray, of Fran Murray Co., with some of her beautiful baking!


In our teaching and learning journeys, Fran encourages us to always strive to be perpetual students. Because when you stop learning, you halt your evolution and growth. Imagine stagnant water breeding disease; similarly, not learning leads to a lack of progress. Be in constant flow by moving, learning, thinking, and sharing. 

Remember that in your pursuit of knowledge, sharing is essential; it provides an outlet. You can only hold so much within yourself; learning and sharing go hand in hand, creating more space for continued learning. Embrace the mindset of abundance, understanding that giving leads to receiving, just like the laws of gravity. 

Fran shares how our children absorb more than they admit. So, teaching and sharing with them is impactful, even if they don’t express it at the moment. Appreciate those who have guided your journey and recognize their wisdom, as they’ve likely impacted you more than you realized.


  • What is something that you would love to learn about or something that you would love to learn how to do? How to change brakes on a car
  • What is a place that is at the top of your travel bucket list? Wherever she goes, Fran wants to explore the human story of the people there and experience things and explore!

  • What is a book, podcast, or TV show that you have enjoyed recently? Book: Habit Changer – 80 Game-Changing Mantras to Mindfully Realize Your Goals by M.J. Ryan

  • If you could sit down and have a conversation with someone that you would love to learn from, who would it be? Herself in 10 years

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