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The People Teaching People Podcast Episode 36: Empowering and Connecting the Podcast Community with Tim Truax

036: Empowering and Connecting the Podcast Community with Tim Truax

In this episode of The People Teaching People Podcast, we are joined by Tim Truax, a geologist and CEO of PodSummit, a Canadian company focusing on podcast events. 

Tim discusses the inception of PodSummit and its aim to bring together the Canadian podcast community for collaboration and learning. The podcast touches on the importance of curiosity, continuous learning, and balancing various life roles, including being a parent, professional, and entrepreneur. Tim highlights the significance of storytelling in podcasting, his listening habits, and the mentors who’ve influenced his journey.

Tim is a career Geologist and has been working in the oil & gas industry for over 15 years. He is a family man with a wonderfully supportive wife and two beautiful kids. As part of a journey to get more out of his passion for podcasting, Tim recently became the CEO at PodSummit, a new Canadian company that is focused on delivering unparalleled podcast events in Canada. PodSummit will launch their first event on September 20-21, 2024 with PodSummit YYC, hosted in Calgary, Alberta. This event will bring together the entire Canadian podcast community & industry to celebrate the art of storytelling and to create a collaborative focal point where podcast communities and industry can come together to exchange ideas, interact, and learn from one another.


Listen in as we talk about:

03:13 Tim’s journey in becoming a geologist

07:48 Tim’s podcast: The Nerd Room Podcast

11:40 The unexpected personal benefits and joys of podcasting

17:12 The story behind PodSummit

23:37 What to expect from the PodSummit experience

29:17 The mindset of ‘success and learning’ versus ‘success and failure’

31:04 The pillars of connection, collaboration, and creation

35:46 Juggling all the hats – husband, dad, geologist, podcast host, and entrepreneur 

40:47 Teaching and learning in podcasting

46:17 Tim’s favorite teachers

49:17 What Tim is most proud of 

54:46 Tim’s words of wisdom 


Connect with Tim:

Connect with Tiana:

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Tim stresses the importance of parents, especially those with young children, maintaining their personal interests and identities beyond their roles as mothers or fathers. He shares his own experience, describing how easy it is to lose oneself in the all-consuming nature of parenting, emphasizing how it led him to a period of self-discovery once his children reached a certain age. He reflects on the significance of remembering who you were before children and highlights how engaging in personal hobbies, like podcasting, has aided in rediscovering his identity beyond just being a husband and father. This rediscovery is crucial for personal fulfillment and maintaining a sense of self amidst the busyness of parental life.

Moreover, Tim touches upon the impact of parents embracing their individual passions on their children. He discusses creating a space for his own interests, like a room filled with nostalgic collectibles, which serves as an example for his children to find and embrace what they love. He mentions how his children have their own unique interests and stresses the importance of supporting them. By illustrating his journey from losing to rediscovering his identity, Tim advocates for parents to explore their interests and engage in meaningful conversations beyond day-to-day parenting topics. This, he believes, not only aids in personal growth but also sets a positive example for children, teaching them the value of individuality and the importance of pursuing their passions.


Tim Truax is the CEO of PodSummit, a new Canadian company that is focused on delivering unparalleled podcast events in Canada.


Tim shares his excitement for PodSummit YYC, an upcoming podcast event in Calgary, highlighting it as a vital gathering for Canadian podcasters. Set to take place on September 20th and 21st at the Grand Theatre, Tim discusses his commitment to the event, driven by a desire to connect and learn within the podcasting community. He explains that PodSummit aims to provide a platform for Canadian podcasters to network, share insights, and grow together, emphasizing the isolation often felt in podcasting and the power of communal events to break down these barriers.

He further delves into the origin and development of PodSummit, recounting his acquisition of the event from its previous owner, Ernest, and his ambition to elevate the conference to new heights. By choosing the Grand Theatre, Tim aims to foster a creative and inspirational environment, differing from conventional conferences. The event promises an array of activities, from inspirational keynotes to practical workshops covering topics like AI, monetization, and marketing, designed to cater to both new and experienced podcasters. Tim’s story showcases his commitment to strengthening the Canadian podcasting community by facilitating connections, sharing experiences, and creating opportunities for collaboration and growth.


PodSummit is a new Canadian company that is focused on delivering unparalleled podcast events in Canada.


“There’s always more to the story and that’s the best part about podcasting – because there are always more stories to tell.”

Tim explains the three core pillars of PodSummit: connection, collaboration, and creation, emphasizing their importance in the podcasting community. He elaborates that “connection” fosters a sense of community among podcasters, allowing for meaningful discussions and networking. “Collaboration” extends beyond initial connections, encouraging podcasters to work together, exchange ideas, and learn from each other, overcoming isolation and differences. This pillar is crucial for personal and collective growth, promoting open-mindedness and diversity of thought. Tim believes that effective collaboration leads to the “creation” pillar, where individuals, regardless of their background, can share their stories and experiences, contributing to the rich tapestry of podcast content.

The creation aspect, as Tim outlines, is about embracing the storytelling inherent in all podcasters, whether they are marketers, teachers, or individuals sharing personal narratives. This pillar celebrates the diverse ways stories can be told and the impact they can have on listeners, offering escapism or practical advice. Tim reflects on the intangible but real influence of podcasting on audiences, highlighting the potential for even the smallest pieces of content to significantly affect someone’s life. He shares his personal journey and the fulfillment derived from providing value through storytelling, underscoring the interconnectedness of the three pillars in achieving the overarching goal of PodSummit: to empower and inspire the podcasting community.


Tim Truax is the CEO of PodSummit, a new Canadian company that is focused on delivering unparalleled podcast events in Canada.


Tim elaborates on how teaching and learning have been integral to his podcasting journey, emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement and innovation. He advises against complacency, encouraging podcasters to evolve their content, experiment with new formats, and embrace mistakes as part of the learning process. Tim highlights his own practice of regularly reviewing and refining his episodes, and he underscores the significance of adapting to new technologies and platforms to enhance the podcasting experience. By sharing his journey of constant learning, including experimenting with different software and formats like AI-generated questions, Tim illustrates the dynamic nature of podcasting and the ongoing quest for improvement.

On the teaching front, Tim shares his experiences helping others start and refine their podcasts, focusing on the essential elements of time commitment, purpose, and community building. He views teaching as a less natural but continually occurring aspect of his podcasting journey, often providing advice and support to emerging podcasters. Tim believes in approaching podcasting with an open mind, stressing that while initial attempts may be imperfect, there is immense value in the process of learning and teaching. His commitment to bettering himself and aiding others reflects the intertwined nature of teaching and learning in the podcasting world, underscoring their importance in fostering a vibrant and evolving community.



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