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The People Teaching People Podcast Episode 38: Unlocking the Key to Productivity and Organization with Noreen Music

038: Unlocking the Key to Productivity and Organization with Noreen Music

In this episode of The People Teaching People Podcast, we are joined by Noreen Music, an extraordinary speaker, the author of The Unexpected Entrepreneur, and the owner and driving force behind Organize My Space Calgary. 

Noreen’s passion is helping people find lasting freedom in their homes and businesses through her transformational organizing services and productivity strategies. Her mission is to support her clients in removing any barriers or blocks to create a stress-free and calm state of flow in all parts of their lives. Out of this state comes abundance, time freedom, deep satisfaction, and greater success.


Listen in as we talk about:

02:13 Has Noreen always been organized? 

03:37 Becoming a professional organizer and an unexpected entrepreneur

08:57 Teaching and learning as a professional organizer

12:15 Noreen’s top productivity tips

19:39 “Where do I even start?” when it comes to organization

23:36 The “why” for being more productive and organized 

29:03 Lessons learned through writing a book 

32:34 How to teach kids to be more organized

35:23 Noreen’s favourite home organization products 

38:46 Noreen’s favourite teacher

41:58 What Noreen is most proud of

43:35 Noreen answers some rapid-fire questions

46:48 Noreen’s words of wisdom


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Quote by Noreen Music: “Productivity isn’t necessarily about doing more but about doing more of the right things at the right time in the right way.”


“Productivity isn’t necessarily about doing more but about doing more of the right things at the right time in the right way.”

Noreen emphasizes the significance of managing one’s email effectively, describing it as a top productivity tip. She likens the electronic email inbox to the old-fashioned paper inboxes, where physical mail required immediate sorting and action. By treating emails in the same manner—deciding quickly whether to respond, delegate, file, or discard—she argues that individuals can drastically reduce the clutter and inefficiency that typically bogs down their workflow. Noreen notes that this approach is crucial across all levels of professional life, where emails tend to pile up and create a drag on productivity, wasting significant amounts of time each day.

Further, Noreen discusses how the overwhelming volume of emails is a common challenge, yet not a badge of honor. She stresses the importance of maintaining a manageable inbox not only for personal organization but also for maintaining one’s credibility and efficiency in the workplace. According to her, effectively managing one’s email can have a ripple effect, improving overall productivity and professional standing.


Noreen Music, Owner of Organize My Space Calgary, is the author of the book "The Unexpected Entrepreneur".


“Contrary to popular belief, being organized is not a personality trait and not being organized is not a personality trait.”

Noreen discusses the common challenge of feeling overwhelmed when beginning to organize, emphasizing the importance of starting small. She advises choosing the area that causes daily frustration, such as a cluttered kitchen countertop or a messy entryway, and focusing solely on that space. By tackling the most troublesome areas first, one can avoid the paralysis that often accompanies the thought of organizing an entire home at once. Noreen underscores that while many wish for an instant solution to disorganization, effective organizing requires patience and gradual progress, concentrating on one area at a time.

Expanding on her approach, Noreen warns against the urge to overhaul multiple areas simultaneously, which can lead to greater disarray and discouragement. She recommends organizing smaller sections within the time available—whether an afternoon or just an hour—to prevent the situation from becoming overwhelming. By consistently addressing these small areas, the overall task becomes more manageable. Moreover, she suggests that maintaining focus on why organization is necessary—such as reducing daily frustration—can motivate individuals to continue improving their spaces incrementally, thereby making significant progress over time.


Noreen Music is the Owner of Organize My Space Calgary.


Noreen explains that the motivations for organizing often stem from the emotional impact of living in cluttered spaces. For example, a cluttered bedroom, intended as a sanctuary for relaxation and rest, can become a source of stress if it fails to provide that comfort, making it a strong motivational factor for organizing. The emotional consequences extend to social interactions; individuals may feel embarrassed about the state of their homes, leading them to isolate themselves by not inviting people over. Additionally, the compulsion to buy multiple replacements for misplaced items can have financial repercussions, making effective organization a means to save money and reduce unnecessary consumption.

She further emphasizes that time, an invaluable resource, is often wasted in disorganized environments. The frustration and stress associated with disorganization can significantly diminish the quality of life, robbing individuals of time that could be spent with loved ones or engaging in personal hobbies. Noreen points out that once people experience the liberating effects of an organized space, they appreciate the freedom it provides, allowing them to focus on their passions and relationships. This realization acts as a powerful catalyst for change, inspiring continued efforts towards maintaining an organized lifestyle.


Noreen advises that the best way to teach children organization is through role modeling. By demonstrating good organizational habits and involving children in regular routines, such as seasonal cleaning and sorting, parents can instill practical skills and the importance of maintaining order. For example, participating in activities like clearing out the garage or sorting clothes at the end of a season helps children understand the process and the benefits of staying organized. Noreen emphasizes that simple, kid-friendly organizational tools, such as hooks for hanging items and clear bins for storing toys, make it easier for children to keep their spaces tidy while also seeing what they have.

Moreover, Noreen suggests that teaching children to assign a specific home for their belongings can foster responsibility and a sense of order. Explaining to children that items like toys should have a designated place where they belong after use teaches them to sort and categorize naturally. While the approach shouldn’t be overly strict, maintaining a balance that acknowledges their age and development level is crucial. Noreen believes that these practices not only help children manage their immediate environment but also equip them with lifelong organizational skills that will benefit them well into adulthood.


Logo: Organize My Space Calgary is owned by Noreen Music


What is something that you would love to learn about or something that you would love to learn how to do? How to decorate cakes

What is a place that is at the top of your travel bucket list? England

What is a book, podcast, movie, or TV show that you have enjoyed recently?

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  • Movie: It’s Complicated

If you could sit down and have a conversation with someone that you would love to learn from, who would it be? Deepak Chopra



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