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Online Course Creation 101

A step-by-step guide to creating your first online course

In your Online Course Creation 101 workbook, educator and course development consultant Tiana Fech guides you on a journey of creating a learning experience that inspire, engage, and connect with your clients, customers, and community. She provides you with a Course Creation Roadmap so that you have clear structure and direction to create an online course that truly reflects who you are, your “secret sauce”,  and expertise. Get ready to have a big impact on your course participants! 


The lessons in this workbook will provide you with the framework, information, and actionable steps to move you from course idea to a completed course.

You will: 
  • Explore the importance of creating a clear overview of a learning journey
  • Reflect on your why for creating an online course
  • Define who you are as the facilitator of learning and who your learners are
  • Determine the big picture for your course and brainstorm the course content
  • Create your course structure and organizational framework
  • Create your detailed course overviews and lesson plans
  • Choose the tools and platforms you will use to deliver your course
  • Name your course and create your course materials
  • Determine your course price
  • Create and implement your launch and marketing plans
  • Implement strategies to get meaningful feedback from your learners and to leverage your course

Your Online Course Creation 101 workbook is filled with: 
  • Course planning templates and exercises
  • Course development tools, platforms, and tech ideas
  • Tips, tricks, strategies, and examples
  • And… Course Creator Spotlights highlighting the course creation journeys of incredible people just like you!