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How we can transform your course or training program ideas into action.


Do you have specific questions about the development of your course or training program?

Examples include:

  • Online course platforms 
  • Instructional strategies
  • Learning outcomes and objectives
  • Program structure and organizational framework

In our 90 minute strategy session, I will provide you with insight, advice, and actionable steps customized to your unique needs and business.

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Do you have an existing course or training program that you are looking to review, update, and improve?

Is your course or training program:

  • Leaving participants feeling underwhelmed or overwhelmed?
  • Not having the lasting impact or performance results you  are looking for?

I will provide you with a detailed report identifying strengths and areas of growth as well as clear and actionable recommendations for your course or program content, design, and experience. We can also work together to put this plan into action. 


Are you looking for more comprehensive support with the development of your course or training program?

Are you developing a new training program for your business or organization? 

Do you have a course idea or an existing offer that you want to turn into a course? 

Have you hit a roadblock in creating your course or training program? 

We will work together to create and implement a personalized and strategic plan to get your exceptional course or program completed.

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Book a connection call with me! We will discuss your business or organization and your course development or training program needs. Then, I”ll share some actionable steps to get you started down the path to success including how we could work together.

Although this is something I have done and can do, it is a huge undertaking and therefore, investment. It requires me to take a deep dive into your content and expertise. My role with Tiana Fech Consulting is primarily guiding, supporting, and working alongside you, the content expert, in confidently creating an amazing learning experience for your clients, customers, and/or community.

In general, consultations and coaching will take place on Zoom. Existing course or training program audits include an initial and final online consultation on Zoom as well. I am also able to work in-person with businesses in Calgary and the surrounding areas. 

A 50% deposit is required to get started and the balance is due at the end of our contract. 

Because each course and training program is unique, the cost for coaching and audit services will be dependent on the scope of work required. I will share a detailed proposed scope of work with you that can be adjusted as needed before we get started in working together. 90-minute consultation sessions are $250. 

I’ve got you! I will outline a personalized and strategic roadmap to get you from idea to action and I can be there to help you every step of the way.

“I have always said "I wish someone could get into my head and put all of my beautiful ideas, into action" and that Tiana did. As a creative, it sometimes feels challenging to compress and organize, ALL the things. Tiana is incredibly thorough, super organized and made the process of turning my signature program into a course, seamless and fun. I highly recommend working with Tiana!”
Sabrina Greer
Author, Publisher, Mentor, CEO, YGTMedia Co.

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